What are your dreams, goals, and ambitions?  What talents do you have?  What are your spiritual gifts?  These are questions that I often ask my children as they are in the final years of preparing for their adult lives.  We all have some sort of ambition, something that drives us.  As I help my children discover what God has designed them and shaped them to do, I encourage them to follow their dreams and ambitions.  God creates each of us with very different passions, burdens, and desires.  That’s why there are thousands and thousands of career paths out there.  God has specifically shaped you too, giving you a specific DNA to complete the good works that He has prepared for you to do. (Eph. 2:10)  You are unique, and so is your calling.  This uniqueness is shown all the way through scripture as time and time again it mentions women in ministry and the workplace.  There were women who were nurses, mid-wives, business owners, seamstresses, workers in the field, judges, prophetesses, charity workers, advisors, and queens just to name a few.  Is wife and mother a part of our calling as women?  Some of us, but not every woman is called to that and that’s ok.  If you are married with children, is wife and mother the ONLY call on your life or can you still pursue a career and/or ministry while fully fulfilling your role in the home?

That’s really the million dollar question isn’t it?  It is for women like me who have a lot of insecurity in this area.  Thankfully, God showed me many years ago that He created me with the ambitions that I have.  He gave me the husband He dreamed up for me.  He gave me the children that He knew needed my husband and I to raise.  Every detail of our life has been orchestrated by a loving God who has a beautiful plan for us.  I had to stop comparing myself to other women and start comparing myself to the will of God.  The scriptures are my guidebook.  Not society.  Not modern “Christian” culture.

So, what does scripture say?  Let’s look at just a few women mentioned in scripture who followed their unique, God-given ambition.

Lydia of Thyatira – Acts 16:14-15

  1. She had a family, scripture doesn’t mention who all that included
  2. She worshipped God and readily responded to the gospel
  3. She ran a business selling purple fabric
  4. She served the apostles in the early stages of the church

Priscilla – Romans 18:2-3, Acts 18:18-28, Romans 16:3, I Corinthians 16:19, 2 Timothy 4:19

  1. She was a tentmaker by trade
  2. She worked alongside her husband and Paul in this trade
  3. She served alongside her husband in ministry in their house church
  4. She was a great asset to Paul’s ministry and even traveled for ministry
  5. We don’t know if she had children

The Virtuous Woman – Proverbs 31:10-31

  1. She bought land
  2. She planted a vineyard
  3. She worked hard for her business
  4. She made and sold clothing
  5. She was strong
  6. She had a healthy family
  7. She helped the poor and needy
  8. She is a wise teacher

Deborah – Judges 4:4; 5:7

  1. She was a prophetess
  2. She was a judge of Israel
  3. She fought in war
  4. She had a husband
  5. She likely had children, but scripture doesn’t list them so I can’t prove it.

Clearly, there is plenty of scriptural evidence to support us working wives and moms!  We are in great company!  These women were gifted, talented, and wise.  They loved the Lord and followed Him in their ministries and careers.  They were good wives and good mothers.  This is so encouraging to me as I strive to serve God well in every area of my life.

Take a look into these passages and start your own Bible study beginning with these women.  Who do you relate to most?  What other women do you see in scripture who leave an example for us working moms to follow?  What are your ambitions and dreams?  Are you following them?  If not, what is holding you back?  Share your thoughts in the comments below as we continue the discussion about Christian Women Working.